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4 Easy Steps To Store Ink Cartridges

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The most irritating thing while printing something is that the ink cartridges you bought recently are not in working condition. There are so many reasons which can harm the ink cartridges but the basic one is drying of ink cartridges. Follow these 4 easy steps to store the ink cartridges of your printer.


Steps To Store Ink Cartridges :


1. Always store your ink cartridges upright : Make sure to store the ink cartridge in upward position which helps to retain the ink cartridge for longer position.

2. Seal the cartridges when idle : Seal the ink cartridge when not is use which helps in retaining its original state and keeps the print head moist.

3. Don’t forget to seal the cartridge bag : Sealing the cartridge bag can helps to retain the moisture of ink cartridge.

4. Try to store them in cool and dark places: Storing the ink cartridge in cool and dry place can helps you to prevent it from leakage and creating bubbles.


If someone follows the right steps to store the ink cartridges then these ink cartridges will last more than 6 months and gives the best quality of prints.

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